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Today's Single Origin Coffee
Columbia San Fermin

Notes of mango, nectarine, brown sugar & vanilla


Launch is where friends meet… Friends who enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, concerts and other Colorado adventures. We serve healthy grab-and-go foods, superlative espresso, charcuterie boards and sips of local spirits after a tough climb or before seeing your favorite Red Rocks band. Launch is just north of I-70 at the Hogback Parking/Morrison exit.

  • No-Bonking Breakfasts

    Golden Morning Bowl
    bananas. apples. strawberries.

    Century Yogurt Bowl
    vanilla Greek yogurt. granola. strawberries. mint.

    First Lift Burrito
    eggs. potato. vegetarian green chili. cheddar cheese. flour wrap.

    Avocado Toast
    avocado. tomato. basil. balsamic. baby greens. toast.

  • Camel Up! (Smoothies)

    Jump-the-Gun Smoothie
    coffee. milk. sweetener. ice
    (add a shot or two of whiskey for an extra kick)

    Sunrise Ride Smoothie
    bananas. strawberries. orange juice. pineapple juice. crushed ice.

    Lariat Loop Smoothie
    peanut butter. strawberries. vanilla Greek yogurt. crushed ice.

  • Sandwiches

    Porch Song:
    prosciutto. brie. fig spread. arugula. balsamic. EVOO.

    Born in the USA:
    turkey. cheddar. apples. mixed greens. basil mayo.

    Bungle in the Jungle:
    spinach. red onion. roasted red pepper. sautéed mushrooms. feta.

    Magic Carpet Ride:
    peanut butter. sliced bananas. Colorado flower honey. multi-grain bread. chia seeds.

    **Gluten-free options are available**

  • Salads

    (Not) Lettuce
    cremini mushrooms. spinach. roasted red peppers. black pepper. quinoa. balsamic. olive oil.

    The Yanni
    cucumbers. tomatoes. basil. feta. red onion. kalamata olives. pepperoncini peppers. mixed greens. Greek dressing.

    Imagine Gardens:
    mixed greens. tomatoes. mushrooms. toasted almonds. Italian dressing.

  • Warming Yurt

    Vegan Quinoa Chile
    onion. quinoa. green chilis.

    Bison Bean Chili
    bison. beef. onions. peppers. tomatoes. red beans.

  • Free Bird (The Encore)

    La Villa Bread Pudding
    a progressive, powerhouse indulgence made with hearty bread, dried fruit, custard and whiskey. Limited release.

    blueberry or raisin bran. ask about our gluten-free muffin-of-the-day

    Assorted regular and gluten-free pastries

  • Launch Signature Gathering Boards & Baskets

    Veggie Board

    Cheese Board

    Fruit and Cheese Board

    Charcuterie Board

    The Works Board

    Tailgate Basket

    First Night in the Condo Basket

    First Night Camping Basket

Launch Colorado is founded on the importance of relationships, experiences, action and commerce.  In our view, these are key components to achieving personal fulfillment AND making the world a better place. These underpin our mission and we want to play our own little role.

Our tag line, "Bringing People to Life", has a few different meanings, but mainly it reflects our belief that good things happen when people get off their devices and start interacting in the moment with the people and world around them.

We’re excited to integrate our love of amazing coffee and good food with the Colorado outdoors and our passion for living life to its fullest.

Launch an idea.

Launch an experience.

Launch a relationship.

Launch an adventure.

Our Coffee and Tea Program

We pride ourselves on grinding, brewing and serving some of the world's best
coffee right here in Golden, Colorado.

Partnering with Kaldi's Coffee, our baristas are meticulously trained to dial in the shots, adjusting for altitude, time of day, temperature, bean and other factors to deliver the fullest flavor in every drop. We create each drink customized to your preference. We always have our award-winning house blend, single origin selection and decaffeinated brew ready-to-go. We love to chat coffee... stop by and let's swap knowledge! Our tea program is powered by Firepot Tea. Each of our house tea blends requires a different temperature and brew time to maximize your experience.


Today's Featured Tea
Moroccan Jasmine Mint

Green tea: heady, sweet jasmine, peppermint



Drop us a line or give a call for general questions, party reservations, media, job openings, or any cool coffee trivia.


Launch Colorado

18455 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 101

Golden, CO 80401


We’re in the new area by the Origin Hotel and Kum & Go just north of I-70 at the Morrison/Red Rocks/Hogback Parking exit.



Join Us!

Launch is looking for hard-working, friendly people to join our team!

Please contact to learn more about our managerial, barista and food preparation roles.

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